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Grappling Industries

Grappling Industries is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling tournament.

The tournaments follow Round Robin formatting meaning that all adult competitors get 4 fights and all kids competitors get 3 fights just for signing up for a division that fills up to 4 or 5 competitors, that means if you compete in both Gi and NoGi you could get 8 plus fights. This allows you to fight so many different people that you have never competed against before, giving you the experience you deserve.

The round robin brackets are followed by a playoffs between the top competitors in the fuller brackets just like professional sports do, this allow competitors to fight as much as possible in a professional atmosphere. We believe that everyone who competes at a tournament should get as much experience as possible that day, fighting through the round robin gauntlet changes a person.

The Grand Prizes at our tournaments are one of a kind, we include Grand Prize all paid trips to our biggest tournament in the world to allow these winners to fight against the world’s best while making a name for themselves. These all paid Grand Prize trips include airfare, 2 nights’ hotel, and registration to the Grappling Industries World Championship.

Our tournaments are also endorsed and sponsored by the biggest brands in BJJ allowing our tournaments to consist of smaller prizes as well; giveaways to every competitor, future tournament free registrations, lots of sponsor  prizes such as gear and swag for select division winners, gift certificates, and beautiful custom made medals.

We believe it is important that the prizes we give away at our tournament display our everlasting commitment to building and developing the grappling community.

Grappling Industries aims to be the middlemen between grapplers and gyms everywhere. Our purpose is to put on the most organized, awarding, and experiencing round robin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling tournaments in the most professional and evolving manner.

Committed to creating an enabling environment conducive to the development of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling we can develop, encourage, and maximize inclusive grappling opportunities for all competitors to participate in the pursuit of greatness.

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